The Pinzgauer


Chloe wanted her picture taken sitting next to the Pinzgauer.

During a morning walk you’re bound to notice the unusual, and today was no exception when we came across this unique Army vehicle parked in the neighbor’s driveway. Although it’s quite common to see military vehicles rolling down our state’s highways in service to one of New Mexico’s many military installations, it’s quite another to see one in a residential setting. This particular vehicle even carried the European Swiss Army insignia!

Of course, having Chloe in tow - an inquisitive cocker spaniel - we were not going to pass up the opportunity to take a closer look. From a quick internet search, the Pinzgauer belongs to a family of all-terrain military vehicles designed for high mobility with its rugged four-wheel drive capabilities. Initially developed in the late 1960s and manufactured by Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Graz, Austria, it was named for the Austrian breed of horse known as the Pinzgauer. It’s been a popular vehicle for all sorts of transportation activities with European Armies.

So, how did this Pinzgauer end up here? Although I’m only speculating, since it was still too early to wake the neighbor for the real story, I suspect this particular vehicle was purchased from a surplus military auction, which is also not too uncommon to see in New Mexico. Of course, the other story could be that the Swiss Army is invading Albuquerque!

The Pinzgauer, the ultimate family SUV? 
This Pinzgauer wears the Swiss Army insignia. 
The Pinzgauer has enough ground clearance for Chloe to walk under - standing up! 

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