Coyote Country


Chloe stands among the native landscaping in "Coyote Country".

Most dogs are creatures of habit, i.e., they like things that are routine, Chloe fits into that category perfectly where her walk to the park is an exercise we follow each morning. But today, we shook up the routine, and mapped out our morning trek to an open space that I call, “Coyote Country”. 

Although we’re an urban center, Albuquerque is filled with areas of open and natural terrain, especially if you live in the foothill vicinity of the Sandia mountains. Much of this open territory with its low native vegetation and sandy soils are water drainage channels from the mountains. But they also serve as pathways for the higher elevation wildlife - such as bears, bobcats, and coyotes - to enter the city boundaries. One such open space is only a short walk from our city park, and today - that was our destination.

Open land forms a natural water drainage channel from the mountain.
Posing in Coyote Country.
Coyote Country - plenty of space for bears, bobcats and coyotes to travel into the city.

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