The Domino Effect


Chloe experiences the snow from last night's winter storm.

I like a good winter snowfall, especially when it’s experienced from the comfort of my living room. I’m sure you’ll agree that watching snow come down can actually be calming, but when you have to be out in the stuff - like driving in it - that’s an entirely different story! 

So, it was yesterday evening when the snow fell from the sky. According to all reports, this latest storm wasn’t scheduled to begin for at least another two hours. But if you know anything about weather forecasting in the high desert, it’s kind of a hit or miss in terms of accuracy. Living in the higher elevations of the mountain foothills also means you get the worst of any snowstorm that falls within the city limits.

As part of yesterday’s errand run, Chloe had her grooming appointment, which takes place four miles further up into the foothills from our home. As we waited for the phone call signaling her haircut was complete, the snow was just beginning to fall, but as Chloe’s expected completion time came and went, the snow stuck to the roads.  When the groomer contacted us that Chloe would still need another 20 minutes, we started out on that four-mile journey to the groomer’s shop into what now amounted to a partial snow white out. Fortunately, travel at this point was uphill. It would be the trip back home that would be - straight down! 

Arriving within the groomer’s stated timeframe of completion, it was another 30 minutes before they finished Chloe. Inquiring why the late completion, the story was that the first customer of the day arrived “one hour late” and every appointment thereafter had “the domino effect” applied! For my groomer, owner of the shop, and who I admire for his professionalism - no doubt had a long day, topped off with a snowstorm that arrived earlier than expected. 

Our trip back down the hill? Well that was slow, slow, and slow!

Four to five inches of snow on the ground.
Chloe kicks up the snow as she patrols the perimeter of the property this morning.

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