What's Up with Sniffing?


Chloe is a big time sniffer!

Did you know that when your dog is sniffing the ground, their brain is getting a workout? That's right, your dog gains a valuable time of exercising their mental capacity when they are intensively sniffing around trees, bushes, grass, or whatever it is that catches their nose. 

From just a few short sniffs, your dog gathers a lot of information - such as the last dog or animal that passed through the area, how long ago it may have been, whether the dog was a male or female, their mood, and what their last meal was. Sniffing for a dog could be compared to what humans do when they exercise their brain for solving a problem. The more sniffing that takes place for the dog, the more they become engaged with their environment leading to reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and even depression.

So, the next time you’re out on a walk, stay patient, and if your dog wants to sniff around, let them!

Chloe sniffs in the park this morning. 

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