Talks with a Cocker Spaniel, Chloe's New Book!


"Talks with a Cocker Spaniel"

If you enjoyed, Chronicles of a Cocker Spaniel - the story of Chloe becoming a member of the family - Chloe’s new book, Talks with a Cocker Spaniel, should be on your short list for reading!

This second book of the My Dog Chloe & Me series, is sure to delight children and adults alike, with its fun to read stories and full page colored photographs. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading the stories aloud to their children and grandchildren with the book’s unique show and tell format.

The 33 featured stories, newly edited, come from the archives of the My Dog Chloe & Me blog. These stories written in 2013 and 2014 are no longer available on the blog. Many of them feature a common topic of what it would be like if we could talk with our dogs, while others provide a humorous and endearing insight to sharing our daily life with man’s best friend.

I know we would all love to converse with our dogs in a one-on-one conversation, where they would let us know, their ailments, their choice of food, and their view of all things in the doggy world! We’ve all imagined - what if my dog could talk!

Talks with a Cocker Spaniel will be available soon at in soft cover edition, with a Kindle e-book, and a limited edition hard cover to follow in 2020. Makes a great companion book to Chronicles of a Cocker Spaniel!

PS - Chronicles of a Cocker Spaniel is now available as a "limited hard cover edition" here on our blog site. 

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