Nematodes Are Our Friends!


Chloe deep sniffs for grubs

It’s spring time in the high desert, and that means breaking out the fertilizer to green up the lawn, and it also means, doing it in a “pet friendly” manner. Sure, you could head down to the local gardening center, and grab some chemical based green-up product, but that’s not the way it’s done when you have dogs that love putting their nose to the ground sniffing for lawn pests, like grubs, gnats and other interesting bugs for the finding. 

As a hunting dog, Chloe never tires of tracking those interesting bugs and lawn pests, and only last year an infestation of lawn grubs turned a portion of our nice green lawn into a desert of dry mulch and bare patches of soil. In fact, Chloe aided the grubs destruction by further digging up the lawn in an attempt to get at the grubs. 

Now getting rid of grubs isn’t too difficult if you’re willing to turn your lawn into a toxic dump of chemicals, but the problem begins when your pets and people want to get down into that rich green texture of grass. That’s when chemical sprays and chemical granular products become a big NO! 

So, that’s where “Nematodes” come in. These microscopic worms are pet and people safe, releasing bacteria from their digestive tract as they feed on a host of pests that invade gardens, greenhouses, indoor plants, lawns, orchards, vineyards, and pastures. Nematodes are applied by first mixing with water and then simply spraying onto the area of the pest invasion. 

Nemotodes come packaged ready for mixing with water
Spraying Nematodes onto the grass

We used Nematodes last season - after the grubs did their damage - with pretty good results. But this 
year marks the first time of being out front of the problem! 

As I told Chloe, “…Nematodes are our friends!”

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