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Part story book, part picture book, My Dog Chloe & Me, Chronicles of a Cocker Spaniel, is an amusing, funny, and heartwarming look at the experiences of sharing my life with Chloe, our American Cocker Spaniel.

What may seem like another trivial day, that is common and routine, can on closer examination be often turned into a memorable short story, and when you really think about it, isn’t this how our lives play out, as an accumulation of many little stories?

Chloe is notoriously inquisitive, mischievous, and loyal, and that’s all within a single day of activity. When I write her stories, she doesn’t recite to me the storyline, or even provide the research that is sometimes required for factual information. Instead, Chloe simply provides me with the inspiration, and offers a unique window in which to observe the simple things of life, like going for a walk together, greeting our neighbors, or just watching a sunrise from our home in the high desert of New Mexico.

Sometimes, Chloe can be defiant, bearing her full inner wolf nature with an under-toning growl, while at other times, she’s the perfect angel with her big expressive eyes, and her long spaniel ears. That’s when I wonder, how did we ever get along without Chloe in the family? You’ll see that when a dog comes into your heart, it changes everything.

The book contains 33 short stories that are each accompanied by a full-page color photograph.

Available in soft cover and in Kindle formats at Amazon.

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