Urban Farmers Part 2


Chloe poses in front of our urban garden.

It’s been almost seven months since we started our urban greenhouse garden. Maybe you remember my earlier story "Urban Farmers" of how Chloe assisted with the greenhouse delivery, the unpacking of the pieces, and watching me erect the prefabricated panels over a weekend period. We followed that with growing the garden from seed inside the protection of the greenhouse.

Everything seemed to be going like clockwork until the New Mexico sun turned the greenhouse into an oven during the month of July where temperatures were in excess of 110 degrees. While some of the plants definitely enjoyed those conditions such as the Swiss chard, some of the others, like the carrots, a favorite of Chloe’s did not. It seems that our tomatoes also took a hit from the heat but managed to produce fruit, although a little bit late. 

So, with the first growing season now mostly behind us, Chloe and me can’t wait for Spring 2018 to try our urban farming again, but this time with a little more experience of gardening under our belt. Although Chloe didn’t get to enjoy her garden grown carrots, we did the next best thing and bought her carrots from the local farmer’s market.

Our greenhouse viewed through the front door, tomatoes inside with
Swiss chard (on left), and strawberries (on right) on the front porch.
"EarthBox" self-watering containers are used to grow the vegetables.
Roma tomatoes growing on the vine.

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