Chloe smiles for the camera on our walk this morning.

When you live in the southwest you would think that the weather would always be hot and dry, except that we also have a July through August monsoon season that ushers in 40 percent or more of our yearly rainfall.

It’s a weather pattern of the high desert that’s marked with flash flooding and concrete drainage arroyos that quickly become filled with dangerous fast rushing water. It’s also a time that requires enduring periods of high humidity with warm temperatures, a condition that Chloe and I usually don’t do well in.

She prefers the typical dry conditions of the desert and isn’t fond of all that air moisture, and while I grew up in New Jersey where summers were hot and soaking, 35 years of desert living makes you less tolerable to such humid conditions. For the two of us, it means our morning walks during the monsoons generally start at the crack of dawn before sunrise.

On this Saturday morning however because I overslept, we got off to 2-hour later than usual start. The sun was brightly shining and you could already begin feeling the uncomfortable humid conditions, and as we hiked up the trail, I could also tell Chloe was annoyed by the glances she would occasionally send my way - that meant - hey, it’s not my fault we started late!

"Hey, it's not my fault we started late!"

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