Where's the Rooster?


Chloe's encounter with the rooster on the wall.

You may have recalled our posting of a rooster that had taken up residency in the neighborhood which turned into an interesting encounter for Chloe. Particularly since she doesn’t see many barnyard animals in our urban environment. For the past 4 months, we’ve been awakened to the sounds of this rooster crowing, but of late we haven’t seen or heard that familiar cock-a-doodle-do.
Even Chloe was wondering. I told her, “that rooster lived dangerously, he was always roaming from one yard to another, and always crossing the street, ...that owner believed in the free range chicken!” 

I added, “that silly rooster may have gotten hit by a car, or eaten by a coyote, or even kidnapped. You just can’t have a rooster roaming the neighborhood!”  

Chloe looked at me with an expression of, “maybe the owner just got tired of the crowing and sent him packing.” 

“Could be,” I remarked, “maybe we’ll run into someone that’ll give us the story!”

Well low and behold on our walk this past week, we ran into a neighbor that solved the rooster mystery. It seems the owner did in fact get tired of the ‘crowing bird’ and sent him to a nearby farm where there were plenty of hens that needed entertaining!

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