The High Desert Dryness Factor


Chloe on the trail this morning.

Early on in our walking activities, I made it a point to always carry water for Chloe. Call it the “high desert dryness factor” which I’ve learned to appreciate having lived in the southwest for over 35 years. When you’re situated closer to the sun at an altitude of over 6,000 feet above sea level in our part of Albuquerque, it results in all things tending to dry out faster, including one’s thirst. It’s the primary reason for carrying water even if we hit the trail before sunrise.

It amazes me to see dogs being walked especially around noon and after - which is a crazy time to be walking in the summer around here by the way - under our hot desert sun, and see the responsible party - i.e. the master - not carrying water for their dog, or even for themselves. I notice this especially when I see the dog’s tongue hanging out, and the master oblivious to the whole water-dehydration issue that we have. 

I carry a stainless-steel water container, which is actually designed for dogs with its screw on cap that acts as the water dish, and the bottle’s wide opening spout that allows pouring unused water back into the container with ease. It’s been a lifesaver for Chloe to have water on hand in washing down those chicken and gator treats from Judy! …And I’ve even taken a sip out of that water container on especially dry mornings. Of course, Chloe would much rather have those treats first, water second, but she always seems to thank me when a cup of thirst-quenching water is placed in front of her!

Chloe 'always' has water available on the trail.
Our stainless steel water container has been through nearly
six years of daily walking and still looks new.

Our container is the "H2O4K9" Dog Water Bottle & Travel Bowl - 9.5 oz

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