Countdown to National Dog Day!


Chloe reminds me that August 26th is National Dog Day.

In our household, the countdown has already begun for “National Dog Day” on August 26th. It’s a day in which to celebrate and appreciate your dog of course!

Need a few hints on what to do? How about…

- Go for a walk, ... it will not only relieve their boredom, but it will get you exercising!

- Play a game, ...all dogs like to play games for stimulation and fun!

- Give that special treat, what dog doesn’t like to eat!

- Show them affection, ...even if your dog doesn’t like hugs, give them plenty of pets and attention!

- Take their picture, ...our dogs live much to short a life and photographing them is how we extend their memories in our life!

So how will Chloe and me be celebrating National Dog Day? Well, we’ll start our day with a walk, play a game of fetch when we return, I’ll carry treats for handing out, provide plenty of pets, and record our day with the camera, but that sounds like every day with Chloe! 

Just 7 days till 'August 26th' - National Dog Day!

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