The Park Bench


The landmark 'park bench' of The Dog Pack.

On a recent early morning walk I veered off our normal path and headed in a direction that took us by a familiar park bench that Chloe and I had frequented during the days of The Dog Pack. As I date it now, it’s been over 3 years since we had spent time with other dogs and their owners.

Chloe learned the social graces that were necessary for good behavior in being around dogs, and I learned what it was like to own a Brittany and Standard Poodle. It was a fun time as the pack made no excuses for taking up the full width of the trail as they would walk side-by-side, falling into a single line of formation only when another hiker needed to pass.

As Chloe and I reached the bench, I began to think …does Chloe remember the Dog Pack and the times that we would all arrive at this destination? This was a landmark of sorts where the pack would take a break, receive food treats for munching on, a drink of water to fight the high desert dryness, and just mingle about until it was time to head for home. As I photographed Chloe walking around the bench, there seemed to be a touch of sadness in her expression as if to say, …I remember those days. 

Leaving the bench behind, I told Chloe wouldn’t it be nice to see those dogs again, even for just a moment? Responding in complete agreement, Chloe turned to me flashing her big cocker spaniel smile, and if by divine providence, …no sooner did she turn back around when we both spotted Libby and Masie, two members of The Dog Pack coming down the trail!

Chloe walks around the old park bench.
Chloe gives the official Dog Pack nose bump greeting to Masie.
Former Dog Pack member Libby greets Chloe.
The best part of The Dog Pack is the 'treats'!
Chloe smiles as she remembers the old park bench and The Dog Pack!

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