It Was Five Years Ago


“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything”.

Those simple words sum up what Chloe has meant to our family.  Arriving on the last day of December 2011, she came to us as a 10-week old puppy from a countryside kennel in southern New Mexico. It was a 500 mile round trip that would change the family forever. No longer was it just my wife and I, but now we had introduced an energetic Cocker Spaniel into our home.

Looking around the house I still see the evidence of that fateful decision. Gone is the expensive wool rug from underneath the dining room table that was discarded when its corners were chewed off. There are a puppy’s teeth marks still visible in the legs of the pine furniture that adorns the living room. In the bedroom, a mystery still exists of who creatively removed the round wooden caps from the posts of the bed.  

As the quotation states, “…a dog enters your life and changes everything.” If we could roll back time to that last day in December of 2011, would we do it all over again?  Need you ask? …of course, we would!  (previously written on My Dog Chloe & Me)

America’s Independence Day - July 4th 2017 - marks the ‘5th year anniversary’ of  
writing ‘My Dog Chloe & Me’. 

Thank you to our readers around the globe!


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