Oasis in the Desert


With the early morning sun rising behind her, 
Chloe enjoys the cool green grass of the neighborhood park.

An oasis in the desert is what I call our other nearby city recreational park. It’s definitely much greener in its intensity and larger in size than the park Chloe and I walk to each morning. But it’s also much busier with organized sporting activities, and a high traffic street that must be crossed, unless you get there early in the morning like we did this past weekend.

With the recent high desert heat wave now behind us, where temperatures soared above 105 ees for most of the week, I thought a change of pace was in order for Chloe. Off we went to the larger park where we held a photo shoot that captured the green grass, the cooling water from the irrigation sprinklers, and Chloe’s hunting instincts of sniffing everywhere!

...Chloe shows me her hunting skills as she fearlessly
wades through the water sniffing as she goes.
...seeing her reflection, I'm sure she wondering
who's that other doggy.
...and a big smile from a happy cocker spaniel!

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