When Saturday Gets Here


A brilliant sunrise greets us on this Saturday morning.

I don’t think Chloe ever thought Saturday was going to arrive. Lousy weather and my need to get into work earlier than usual curtailed nearly a whole week of our morning walks. I could tell Chloe was missing our daily activity each time she looked at me as I consumed my first cup of morning joe, and each time I had to repeat the phrase, “when Saturday gets here, we’ll head out Chloe.”

Now, if you own a dog, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I call it being in synch, but it’s really all about a routine. You see, Chloe’s a routine dog, and she prefers that nothing upset that said routine. So, when it comes to eating food, going for a walk, or getting shuteye on the La-Z-Boy chair, Chloe has a set time of the day that such an activity needs to occur.  

Well here we are Saturday morning in the high desert and our New Mexico weather is back on track with a brilliant sunrise over the mountain, and of course it’s time to keep my promise to Chloe!

Chloe checks to see if anyone's playing tennis this morning... 
A sea of 'fox tails' grow along the side of the walk, which means
extra caution is needed to stay out of these thorny weeds...
Chloe gives me the big smile for our Saturday morning walk!

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