A Lassie Moment?


Was this our Lassie moment?

Have you ever been on a walk with your dog where you wanted to go one way, but your dog insisted on going another way? Well that occurred just the other day as we hit a crossroad on our walk. Instantly, Chloe stopped in her tracks, and motioned me with her head that we needed to go north instead of our usual east toward the park. Instinctively I pulled on her leash, but Chloe wouldn’t budge. Putting out her front paws she became an immoveable object, even after I tugged on the leash several times.

Nope, …Chloe was not going to budge. Now I often like to think I’m in tune with my dog, so instead of being the supreme leader on this particular morning, I followed Chloe’s advice heading north up the street. After we had finished the walk with our eventual park destination reached, but just in a more roundabout way, I thought to myself, …was this a Lassie moment? You know where Lassie communicates to Timmy that danger is just ahead, and that a change in direction would be a prudent move?  

I can’t say that I noticed anything unusual as we both turned north, instead of going east but then again, I don’t know what could have been awaiting us if we had continued on our normal path. Let’s just say on this morning walk, I followed Chloe’s lead. 

Lassie warns Timmy.
Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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