The Best Leash Ever?


Chloe wears the EzyDog "Road Runner Leash."

Is there such a thing as the best leash ever or is any dog leash just as good as another? Hey maybe a piece of rope will do, but as an avid dog walker, I’d like to think that having the best leash available can add to the enjoyment and safety of the walk. Now you’re probably saying …so what makes a good dog leash?

As a matter of fact, I’ve been writing about that elusive perfect leash for the last four years. 

My preference would have a leash that was well balanced between the weight of its hardware and the webbing, the leash should have shock absorbing capability to reduce a dog’s tendency to tug on your arm, the leash should be of an adequate length setting up a comfortable distance between you and your dog, and finally having the ability to be ‘hands free’ at times would be nice. Now there are leashes that meet one or two points of this criteria, but is there one that can handle them all?

Since February of this year, I’ve switched to using the EzyDog’s “Road Runner Leash” which measures 7 feet in length when laid out in a straight line, which is longer than most leashes by an additional 12 inches. I initially considered this piece of gear when I was on the hunt for a hand’s free leash when I purchased and tested Hurtta’s 5-foot “Free Hand Leash” that slips around your hand like a glove.

EzyDog "Road Runner Leash"
Image Courtesy of EzyDog

A runner’s style leash like this EzyDog is designed for one end to buckle around your waist, while the other end securely fastens to the dog's collar or harness. In this design, the dog is always attached to your hip allowing your hands to be completely free. Since I wasn’t looking to tether Chloe on my hip, or at least not at the moment, I've found this EzyDog leash to have some very favorable attributes. 

- Overall weight is fairly light particularly with its 7-foot length. 
- Fabrication is first rate with tight stitching, reflective webbing and sturdy hardware.
- Advanced shock absorbing material that reduces strain and pulling.
- Soft-touch neoprene lined handle for additional comfort.
- 7-foot length allows a little more room between you and your dog.
- Optional ability to go hands-free by clipping it around your waist.

This versatile leash is available in ten different colors and can be purchased from for just under $38.00 (Retail List is $42.00).

7-foot length gives extra distance for Chloe to roam.
Sturdy hardware and reflective webbing.
Soft-touch neoprene lined handle for comfort.

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