The Walk


Chloe gives me that look, "...are you ready for some walking!"

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “power walking” which is another term for speed walking or fast walking. It’s a technique and style of walking briskly with determination. No, your arms aren’t to be swinging wildly about, but rather it’s a style that’s almost effortless in appearance.

It’s fluid in motion allowing you to roll through each step going from heel to toe, that eliminates over-striding and promotes the proper push-off from the trailing foot. It’s a technique that has served me well especially when I needed to rush through an airport to catch the next business flight, or when I was a solo walker in the high desert which I often refer to as my pre-Chloe days.

Today, Chloe can easily out walk me in terms of speed. She approaches walking with that cocker spaniel gait, moving swiftly with all four legs operating in unison. It’s one of the reasons that I always look forward to my walk with her, because it always turns into a good workout.

I had my camera set on video mode the other day where I was able to capture Chloe’s speed walking abilities, and after you watch our 30 second short film “The Walk”, you may be wondering if I purposely speeded up the motion!

Nope, …that’s Chloe in real time, with me in tow but in shadow view, holding the camera in one hand and her leash in the other!

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