Springtime in the High Desert


On the trail this morning.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about why we should just fast forward to spring in the high desert, especially when our winter days seemed to be running together in an endless string of gray skies and cold temperatures. It didn’t seem to be the norm for New Mexico that while cold, usually has brilliant sunshine. Well here we are in early April, and it looks like our spring season has finally arrived.

Oh, there was a recent dip down into the low 30’s, but this Saturday morning, Chloe and I hiked the trail to a warm and blazing morning sun. It was also her weekend to pick the directions of our travel. Today she chose to walk our normal path, ‘backwards’.

No, we didn’t actually walk backwards per say, but rather we went up the street, rather than down the street, and down the trail, rather than up the trail.

Yes, …on this spring morning we employed cocker spaniel navigation!

Chloe ponders the direction we should take.

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