Framing the Shot


Photographing Chloe for a blog story.

I’ve always believed that the formula for writing “My Dog Chloe & Me” is one part story and one part photography. For example, the technique of writing a good story should follow a pattern of creating a beginning, a middle and an end, regardless of the story’s content length, and in that way the readers aren’t left with only your partial written thoughts.

It’s also true when adding an image into the story. Here’s it’s the composition of how the image is framed that can help develop and drive the story in the mind of the reader. In fact, if you study photography, the experts will tell you there are a number of different ways to frame an image that are used by professionals. While I’m not going to detail all of them my five favorites include the following:

Close Up Shot- where the image frames just the subject’s face.
Long Shot - where the image frames the subject in full, including the background for context.
Medium Shot - captures the subject image between a close up and a long shot.
Low Angle Shot - has the camera looking up at the subject making it appear bigger than life.
Tilt Shot - where the camera is tilted on an angle to achieve a disorientating effect.

Here’s an example of these five types in my photographing of Chloe…

The 'close up' shot,
...attention is on Chloe's face to gain her mood and expression.
The 'long' shot,
...capturing Chloe's surroundings helps to give the story context.
The 'medium' shot, halfway between the closeup and the long shot.
The 'low angle'' shot,
...looking up at Chloe makes her appear bigger than life.
The 'tilt' shot,
...turns the camera on angle to give a comical and fun view,
and Chloe's even smiling for me in this image!

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