Was That a Rooster?


The rooster we saw on our morning walk.

Now that‘s something you don’t see within the Albuquerque city limits every day. What am I talking about?  Oh, just a rooster that we came across during our morning walk. A rooster, you say? Yea, a rooster. You know, they go …cock-a-doodle-do!

I had just finished telling Chloe earlier this morning that I had heard a rooster crowing at 7 am. Where upon Chloe gave me that iconic spaniel head tilt, the official dog sign that she didn’t know what I was talking about. Since I’m pretty good at understanding Chloe’s body language, I immediately gave her an explanation of what a rooster was.

“…So, Chloe a rooster is a male chicken, that’s right, you know chicken, just like the food you eat, …and those Charlee Bear treats with the chicken flavor.” In fact, Chloe knows the chicken word along with other assorted words that I’ve taught her over the years.  As I went on with my rooster explanation, “…Chloe, a rooster likes to strut around like they own the place, …and they always seem to be mean, …so remember to keep your distance from them!”

As we stepped outside the house for our walk, I heard the rooster’s crow again. “…Chloe, there it is, that cock-a-doodle-do, did you hear it?” Well she did judging by her running off down the sidewalk with me in tow, in search of that rooster. Off we went, hearing the rooster’s crow getting ever so louder as we approached. Fortunately, it crowed just at the right time leading us a short distance up an intersecting street where we saw the large bird strutting itself along a wall just a few feet from the sidewalk. 

“…It’s the rooster, the rooster!”, I shouted, where upon Chloe immediately remembered my “Rooster 101” talk of keeping her distance! 

Chloe watches but keeps her distance from the rooster. 

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