Let's Just Move on into Spring


With our greenhouse in hibernation, Chloe investigates last weekend's snowfall.

The calendar is indicating that our Spring season is less than two months away beginning on March 20th. Here in the high desert where the 2017 snow fall appears to be less than last year, there does seem to have been an increase in the number of cloudy days we’ve experienced so far, especially when the normal New Mexico sunshine is factored into the equation.

Much of our winter weather of late seems to be of that dull gray with overcast skies. Now both Chloe and me really enjoy the winter months in the southwest, especially when we get our share of snow combined with that brilliant sun that makes everything sparkle with intensity. Just last Saturday, it rained, followed by a brief snow flurry that only dropped a dusting of the white stuff. It made me think, …if we’re not going to get a real winter, …let’s just move on into Spring!

Chloe sniffs in the snow filled skies.

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