"We Don't Have the Technology"


Chloe with the 'former' Mr. Lion.

If you're a baby boomer like I am, you may recall the line, "we have the technology" from the opening voice over of that 70s-television show, "The Six Million Dollar Man". The show starred Lee Majors who played fictional character Steve Austin, a former astronaut turned undercover agent for the US government. Each week the series featured Austin's superman like capabilities that came from being physically rebuilt with advanced bionic technology.

Unfortunately, that same tag line with the added word "don't" came to mind recently when I had to tell Chloe, "we don't have the technology to repair Mr. Lion". Yes, ...the same Mr. Lion with the spiky hair that had appeared in our blog story, "The Creative Side of Dogs". It seems that Chloe, who loved licking the lion's mane so that it stood on end, had apparently gone a little overboard and literally chewed Mr. Lion's snout right off!

Fortunately, I intervened before Chloe could get to the toy's inner squeaker box, but the prognosis for Mr. Lion was not looking good, considering that a good portion of his nose was laying crumpled on the carpet, and any attempt of repair through surgical sewing was not going to work. No advanced bionic technology was going to save Mr. Lion!

So, with an unceremoniously drop into the garbage bucket, Mr. Lion was history. But after a few days I realized, Chloe needed her favorite toy and I needed something to write about. Off I went looking for a new one, ...and wouldn't you know it, EBay, where you can find just about anything, had an identical and NEW Mr. Lion!

Mr. Lion before his untimely destruction.

Chloe's NEW Mr. Lion!
Image courtesy of Ethical Pet


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