What's Better Than One Cocker Spaniel?


Two cocker spaniels on the high desert trail.
Chloe & Cheyenne

What's better than one cocker spaniel? How about two! That's right Chloe met Cheyenne this week who's owned by Robert and Susan. Vacationing in New Mexico from Michigan, you may have remembered them from a blog post that I wrote nearly four years ago titled, where our morning dog walks brought on conversations of all things cocker spaniel.

Robert and Susan have shared their family with a number of cockers throughout the years, and Cheyenne is their latest family addition. With the passing of their beloved dog, Truffle, a few years ago, no house is complete without the companionship of an energetic spaniel, and Cheyenne was added not long after that, except she arrived as a puppy. Which I was told can be quite an adjustment since Truffle had been with them for almost 15 years. Although they raised Truffle from that young age as well, you forget about all the normal puppy pranks of mischief as time passes.

So you're probably wondering how did Chloe and Cheyenne get along, especially since Chloe can sometimes be a little apprehensive when meeting new dogs, or would the fact that Cheyenne was another cocker spaniel make a difference? 

You'll have to wait for our next blog post to find out!

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