In Love with the Cocker Spaniel


A work of art.

How can you tell a family that’s in love with the cocker spaniel? Well, they typically own a real cocker spaniel for one, but there’s other signs like knowing this sporting dog's true history and understanding what it takes to keep this breed healthy and looking good. You’ll most likely find their cupboard contains at least one coffee mug stenciled with a cocker spaniel image, or the phrase “I Love Cocker Spaniels”, with the word "Love" replaced by the iconic red heart.
Of course there could be other small signs, like a keychain with a dangling Spaniel profile, or a sofa pillow that’s contains a neatly embroidered image of this classic dog. Yes, it’s really pretty easy to spot such a family that’s devoted to the cocker spaniel, especially when they have a replica modeled out of clay that resembles their pet. 

Now, I could have continued my story as if we actually had a sculpture made of Chloe, but that would be leading you on. Rather, we just happened to find this cocker spaniel statue that was remarkably similar to Chloe’s sable color and appearance. Even Chloe approves, judging by that big smile as she walks by this work of art, …yea, we’re a family that loves our cocker spaniel! 

Chloe is all smiles as she checks out her look a like.

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