A Cocker Spaniel Convention


Chloe and Cheyenne share a smile during their morning walk.

If you caught our previous post, you’ll know that we had two cocker spaniels together last week. A sighting of one cocker is actually rare in our parts, but two is just downright historical! That’s right, Chloe and me were treated to sharing our morning walks with Cheyenne, a year and a half old pup visiting with her family from Michigan.

Both Chloe and Cheyenne hit it off like sisters, whether it was walking side-by-side, or playing follow the leader as these two didn’t share an ill moment between them. So did they know they were of the same lineage? American Cocker Spaniels to be exact, and both displayed the breed’s familiar temperament of being friendly with that happy go lucky disposition and of course that continuously wagging tail. 

We even caught other dog walkers saying how much they enjoyed seeing this unique Cocker Spaniel Convention of two here in the high desert!

Like two sisters, these two easily walk side by side...
and enjoy playing follow the leader...
or showing us their best Alaskan sled dog routine...mush!
Thanks Cheyenne for visiting us in the high desert!

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