"The Heat is On"


Chloe enjoys the greenery of the park very early this  morning.

Crank up the air conditioner, it's that time again as the high desert begins an extended forecast of triple digit temperatures. Although Chloe and me are not really fond of these higher temps, we've learned to cope by simply adjusting our walking schedule to very early in the morning. Desert temperatures are known to swing as much as 45 degrees from morning to afternoon at the startup of summer, and it appears that 2016 will follow suit.

I even heard the national news giving coverage to our dry air, the neighboring forest fires, and the all around heat we're experiencing, obviously it's a slow news day when they have to talk about desert temperatures. Fortunately Albuquerque is not Phoenix, where their 100 degree days is a daily summer occurrence and not the exception. But for now Chloe and me will just slow it down a little and listen to Glenn Frey's, "The Heat is On", cue the music Chloe!

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