Blowing Bubbles!


Chloe is captivated by the floating bubbles.

You probably played with bubbles as a kid watching them float like magic in the air, but did you know those soapy solutions are still one of today's most popular toys. According to, bubble history actually began some 400 years ago when Flemish artists depicted children blowing bubbles with pipes made of clay. In the 18th and 19th centuries, mothers would give their children the left over washing soaps in order for them to blow bubbles, and at the start of the 20th century that soapy bubble solution was brought to market as a toy.

Those floating bubbles are not only a favorite of children and adults alike, but they are fascinating for even dogs! During a recent family gathering in the backyard, Chloe joined in the fun when our grandchildren filled the air with their soapy bubbles. Chloe danced and twirled jumping in the air with all of her cocker spaniel excitement and fascination as she attempted to catch the gleaming bubbles!

Chloe spins, twirls and jumps to catch the  bubbles!
...and that floating bubble next to her ear obviously caught her by surprise!

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