A Dog's Territory


Chloe gives me the "not to happy" look as her backyard is temporarily fenced off.

Dogs are territorial creatures by nature and Chloe is no exception especially when it comes to patrolling her own backyard. Her daily ritual is walking the perimeter of her territory, which even includes weaving in and out of the rose bushes that are planted up against the property wall. It’s fun to watch her as she trots and scans the surface of the boundary walls on the lookout for constant intruders. Mostly they are of the four legged kind like the whiptail lizard that sticks to the wall in a vertical position, but birds that fly in and even large bugs roaming through the grass also get a stare down from Chloe as she makes the rounds.

These last few weeks however, I’ve had to curtail a portion of Chloe’s perimeter walk as I begin renovating and building a new greenhouse in the backyard. I’m sure she doesn’t like seeing her boundaries reduced, but for her safety and my ability to actually get work done, a temporary fence keeps her out of the construction zone. So far Chloe has respected the barrier, although she tried jumping the low 3-foot high fence early on thinking that my side of the yard was somehow superior to her side. 

It’s unfortunate that Chloe can’t read architectural drawings particularly when I consult with her constantly on the progress of the work, and that I keep telling her that our new landscaping actually has her territory increasing in size! 

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