A "Chloe" By Any Other Name


My dog, Chloe.

According to the website "cuteness.com" the name Chloe is listed as their tenth most popular dog name. I found that interesting since I remember writing a blog post back in 2012 titled, What's in a Name, that placed "Chloe" as the sixth most sought after dog name. Does that mean four years later the name Chloe is becoming less popular, or are the websites just skewing their analysis? Thinking that I couldn’t just let this stand, I plunged into a full ten-minutes of serious Internet research on the subject.

"Dogtime.com" used a more in depth matrix by listing the most popular male and female dog name by breed. According to them, the name "Bella" had the top spot, while Chloe was further down in the rankings typically at number three or four especially if you owned a Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu. There was no mention of the cocker spaniel breed which of course would have been the most interesting but no such luck, …so on with my research!

The next website I came across was "behindthename.com" and although the site wasn’t specifically talking about dog names, I stopped to read the many humorous comments that people had left for the name Chloe. Here are just a few,

"Chloe is a beautiful name. It is definitely rising in popularity. I don't personally know even one Chloe and haven't seen many in my kids' school."

"This is my name and, to be honest, I'm not wild about it. I would much rather have been called something like Judith or Ariadne. I know someone who has the same name but spells it as 'Kloe' which I think is a very unattractive spelling."

"I think Chloe is a beautiful name (as it is mine). It is beautiful also in older ladies. Anyone that thinks otherwise is just narrow minded."

And here’s one person that wrote an entire biography on the name Chloe...

"The name Chloe makes me picture a young, slender, pale woman with sandy-colored hair down to her chin line who has light eyes and wears little or no make-up, dresses in white, light pink, light blue, and other light colors, and looks a little untouchable and unapproachable, like she's not fully human. She looks very neat and clean, and looks like she could use a proper meal and something to put a smile on her serious face. The name sounds much softer than Zoƫ, but I'm not big on the ''OH-ee'' sound."

I really wanted to go on reading the comments, but a quick glance at my watch said that my ten-minutes of serious Internet research was up.  Oh well, even if the name of Chloe has slipped in dog popularity, I really like it and I like calling Chloe, “Chloe”!

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