My "Bestest" Girl


Cocker Spaniels are the bestest.

adjective informal / humorous
  1. the very best.
    "you're the bestest friend I've ever had"

When people ask me to describe Chloe I often say she's my "bestest" girl. Now you're probably thinking "bestest"? Doesn't he really mean best? Is there such a word? Even Microsoft Word, says it's a misspelling to write "bestest" and places a red dash below the text every time it's typed on the computer. In this case however MS Word is wrong, when there really is a word. Look it up on Merriam-Webster's Internet site, where indeed there is such a spelling as "bestest". It's defined as an informal and humorous usage of the word "best", and that's how I describe Chloe. What I mean is simply this, if ever there were a dog breed that was the best in an informal and humorous way it would be the cocker spaniel. They're not pretentious or elitist, but instead, are personable, affectionate, and fun to be around.

After a long and exhaustive day of working together in the yard, Chloe enjoys the sheer pleasure of just crashing with me on the La-z-boy recliner, where she rests on my lap and we both quickly fall asleep. She's an informal dog, always looking to be at your side no matter what the occasion. With her large round eyes and long ears, she even wears the part of the classic dog, with a happy go-lucky disposition, and a continuously wagging tail.

What's now a legendary story in our family is the incident that occurred when Chloe and me encountered a young girl and her mother on the high desert trail. We stopped for the girl who could only have been 3 or 4 years old, and who was awestruck by Chloe's cute appearance and friendly personality, that she immediately turned to her mother and exclaimed in all her innocence, ..."this is the dog I always wanted!"

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