Emma, an American Cocker Spaniel in need of a new home.
Emma  |  8.2015 (Photo from the City of Aztec, New Mexico Animal Shelter)

If you’re at all familiar with New Mexico’s cultural heritage, you’ll probably know that Cocker Spaniels are not the first choice of pet breeds in this region. As a matter of fact, the rescue shelters, humane societies, and especially the Albuquerque animal welfare department and the surrounding county animal departments are shown overly filled with dogs of Pit Bull, Chihuahua, and interestingly enough, of Australian Shepard origins. Rarely do cocker spaniels and particularly a purebred one show up in Internet searches for rescue dogs in the southwest region.

You may also remember my early blog story on Ruby, our attempt at adapting a young Cocker Spaniel before Chloe. Ruby was in fact saved through a local animal rescue organization from a high-kill facility after being abandoned by her owners as they exited the city.  It’s no wonder that I have a soft spot for such situations. 

Well, yesterday I came across Emma, who appears from her picture to be a very young female, probably a purebred American Cocker Spaniel that arrived recently at the animal shelter in Aztec, New Mexico. The shelter’s website provides only a brief description with her picture that you see posted. If you’re interested in sharing your home, your heart, and your life with a beautiful blonde colored Cocker Spaniel here is an opportunity. 

EMMA - ID#A027299
My name is EMMA. I am a female, cream Cocker Spaniel. The shelter staff thinks I am about 2 years and 1 month old. I have been at the shelter since July 24, 2015. For more information about this animal, call (505) 334-6819. Ask for information about animal ID number A027299.

Shelter Director: Tina Roper
Address: Animal Shelter, 825 Sabena St., Aztec, NM 87410 
Telephone: (505) 334-6819.
Fax: (505) 334-5985.
Email: troper@aztecnm.gov
Hours: Showing of animals to public for adoption: 7 Days a Week, Noon to 4:00 pm.

PS:  Aztec, New Mexico is next to Farmington, New Mexico, or about 175 miles north of Albuquerque, near the Colorado-New Mexico border. For the record, we picked up our beloved Chloe in Portales, New Mexico, or about 250 miles south of Albuquerque.

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