Capturing a Moment in Time


Trudy, Chloe's sister, enjoys the rushing wind from a car ride.
Photo by Denise Mahaffey Pernell

There are some photographs that are just astonishing in their ability to capture a moment in time. This particular image of Trudy, who is Chloe’s look alike older sister, is one of those that I would certainly place in that category.
When I study the details of the image I’m immediately struck not only by the intensity of Trudy’s gazing focus, as she no doubt enjoys the wind blowing into her face, but also by those trademark cocker spaniel ears that are completely pressed back from the velocity of the rushing air as it passes through the car window. I think I can even hear Trudy saying, “I’m flying!” 

Chloe and me want to thank Denise Mahaffey Pernell for posting Trudy’s picture on Facebook, and for giving us permission to place it here on our blog.

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