Chloe's Assisted Selfie


Chloe's selfie from our morning walk today.
noun self·ie \ˈsel-fē\

Definition of SELFIE: 
an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.

First Known Use of the Word: 2002
Next Word in the Dictionary: self-ignite
Previous Word in the Dictionary: self-identify

- Merriam-Webster

After reading Merriam-Webster's definition of our modern day word SELFIE, I asked myself "…can Chloe really have a selfie?" In one word, "no" since most dogs that I know can’t hold the camera and snap the picture with one paw. But sometimes rules are meant to be broken, or in this case …bent a little when I held the camera for Chloe. So in a true "assisted" selfie fashion, here are a few selfies of Chloe from today’s morning walk. Oh yea, I even caught myself in that last one, and of course Chloe was already telling me "No more selfies!" with her back toward the camera.

With her back toward the camera, Chloe gives me that "no more selfies" look!

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