"We're Putting the Band Back Together"


Chloe and Libby this morning, two members of the former "Dog Pack"

If you caught the 1980s comedy movie The Blues Brothers starring those off beat characters, Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) and Joliet “Jake” Blues (John Belushi), maybe you remember their famous line,“we’re putting the band back together.” This fictional story traces the lives of two reformed brothers as being on a mission from God to reunite their rock band in one last concert, as a way to raise money to save their former boarding school run by Catholic nuns. I can still picture those two quirky guys wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, a fedora hat and the skinny black necktie. It was an original when it came out and it’s a classic in the lexicon of Hollywood films.

That movie line was the first thing that came to mind on today’s morning walk, when Chloe and me ran into Libby and Maisie two members of the Dog Pack. You might remember the blog stories of Chloe’s canine band that included a Poodle-Schnauzer (Biscuit), a Brittany (Libby), and two Standard Poodles (Maisie and Ari). It was an eclectic mix of dogs and owners that enjoyed strolling along the high desert trail early in the morning. Special treats of duck, gator and salmon were handed out along the hike to all the dogs, and it’s a memory that Chloe has never forgotten. There was also a special relationship among these five dogs that never saw a growl or even a bark between them. 

But as in all good things there was an ending of the pack when the eldest member, Biscuit, passed away in April of 2014, followed by Ari and her owner moving to California, and Maisie and Libby blazing a new walking schedule. I know Chloe misses those days, since she still gives me her cocker spaniel smile, whenever she hears their names. 

Elwood and Jake Blues, The Blues Brothers, 1980
Courtesy of Universal Studios

The Dog Pack on the trail (circa 2013).

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