Chloe's Weekend in the Country


Chloe is all smiles outside the goat pen at the Corrales Kennels.

Memorial Day weekend brought a short separation between Chloe and my wife and me as we headed for the pacific coast to see a large body of water. We also planned to squeezed in a nostalgic concert by the 60s British folk rock duo of Chad and Jeremy. Maybe you remember a few of their number one singles, "A Summer Song", and "Willow Weep for Me", ...or maybe not.

The Corrales Kennel Office. 
Since our get-away included flying it meant Chloe would have to unfortunately stay behind in the high desert. A telephone call to her previous lodgings at Camp Bow Wow, resulted in a no vacancy reply for the holiday weekend, and a new Plan B was initiated in a search for a respectable kennel. That's when we found the Corrales Kennels owned and operated by Dan Meurer and his wife since 1968 where their reputation is to treat your dog like a member of their family. 

This unique last of the open air dog kennels also just happened to be located in the small neighboring town of Corrales situated in the Rio Grande valley. It's a rural setting that includes numerous horse stables and plenty of green scenery, an environment that Chloe hasn't really experienced, save for her early whelping days in Portales, New Mexico.  

Situated next to the kennels were corrals of goats and horses that gave us the opportunity to expand Chloe's horizons with other animals. Although she had seen a horse last summer giving it a curious stare from across the park, the goats apparently gave her a definite pause which she followed up with low warning growls that they had better not mess with a cocker spaniel.

The friendly goats next to the kennels.
The Corrales Kennels is the only open air styled kennel, grandfathered in under
the present City ordinances that all kennels must now be designed as indoor facilities.

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