An Historical Day if You're Counting Rabbits


Chloe looks into the brush for a rabbit.

Chloe poses after the 6th rabbit sighting.
Cocker spaniels throughout history were bred to be hunters. Their unique skill of flushing out and retrieving downed game such as pheasants, quail, and other small birds was the primary lot in life for the early spaniel. Fast-forward a few hundred years later, and that primal hunting instinct is still in their modern counterpart like Chloe.

In fact, the game of rabbit spotting has become one of Chloe’s favorites as we hike the trail each morning. Although I won’t let her go on the chase without being tethered by her leash for fear of injury from a run over the uneven terrain, the next best way to satisfy that desire is at least keeping score in the number of sightings we encounter during the walk.  

A count of one or even two rabbits is the typical early morning norm, but today we broke all previous sightings with a solid count of six, …where fortunately our camera crew just happened to be on hand to capture these images on this historical day.

A cocker spaniel mastering the art of observing during the walk.
Chloe catches sight of the rabbit's white tail in the brush.
Rabbit #4 on the side of the trail during today's sightings.
We spotted our 6th rabbit in this unique setting of the park this morning.

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