Three Years Ago


Chloe on her arrival in December 2011. 
Photo by Kara Schubert Carroll

“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.”

Those few words sums up what Chloe has meant to our family.  It was just three years ago today, that we brought her home as a 10-week old pup from a countryside kennel in southern New Mexico.  It was a five hundred mile round trip from Albuquerque to Portales made on the eve of 2012 that would change our family life forever.  No longer was it just my wife and I together, but now we had introduced an energetic cocker spaniel into our home.

As I look around the house I can still see the evidence of that fateful decision. Gone is a woolen rug from underneath the dining room table that has since been discarded with its corners having been chewed off.  There are a puppy’s teeth marks visible in the legs of the pine furniture that adorns the living room.  In the bedroom, a mystery still exists of who creatively removed the round wooden caps from the posts of the bed.

As the quotation remarks, “a dog enters your life and changes everything.” So, if we could actually roll back time to that last day in December of 2011, would we do it all over again?  

Need you ask? Of course we would!

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