Cooking with a Cocker Spaniel


"Spaniel Gates" keeps Chloe out of the kitchen. 

If you own a dog you're already aware that our canines seemed to be obsessed with food. It's as if they are wired for one thing and one thing only, and that's eating. That brings me to the title of this entry, "Cooking with a cocker spaniel", and how we sometimes have to accommodate our young spaniel named Chloe.

At three years of age, and no longer a chewer of furniture or rugs, Chloe has the run of the downstairs floor level in our house, which of course includes the kitchen, and it's the kitchen where she likes to hang out especially during meal preparation time. It also means that she's usually under foot of the cook in many instances. Chloe doesn't observe the art of cooking from a distance, but rather stands right by your side hoping that you'll drop a morsel on the floor.

Most of the time it's a tolerable situation to have her nearby, but in some instances like at our recent Christmas dinner, some intense cooking can take place in that kitchen. That's when it's time to install, "spaniel gates" at the two entrance points to the space where removable wooden gates prevented Chloe from giving the cook assistance on Christmas Day. 

Judging by Chloe's expression in this photograph she was not the most happy of campers especially since she now had to watch the culinary proceedings from the living room!

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