Our Cocker Spaniel at Christmas


Chloe contemplates how to rearrange the tree ornaments.

Today, marks Chloe's third Christmas as a member of the family. Each year we've noticed a marked improvement of her behavior when it comes to leaving the holiday decorations in place. It seems the mixture of one young cocker spaniel to a household of lights, tinsel, and ornaments generally meant that a few of those decorations would inevitably go missing.

While I say Chloe has gotten better from pulling mischievous pranks, I've still caught her a few times of doing a walk by of the Christmas tree to see what ornament she thinks needs removing. Normally a few stern words will diffuse the situation, but sometimes Chloe's inner "Minnie" gets the best of her. It's as if her mother Minnie, known for her pranks and high energy, is standing by Chloe’s side saying "...take it, take it, you can exchange it for a treat!"  

Of course the outcome of listening to that inner voice is a quick grab of one of the tree’s shiny decorations, and a beeline run to underneath the coffee table. Ultimately I give in handing over a small treat in exchange for the ornament that she drops from her mouth. As I said in the beginning, Chloe is getting better behaved as she grows older, but no doubt I'll miss these little encounters as the years pass, but for now this is just one of the great memories that I will always cherish of having our Cocker Spaniel at Christmas.

Merry Christmas!
- My Dog Chloe & Me -

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