The Stocking Tradition


Chloe contemplates what she may find in her Christmas stocking.

Are you a follower of the "stocking tradition"? Do you hang a Christmas stocking for each member of the family over the fireplace or on a bedpost? Tradition has it that the origin of the Christmas stocking was handed down from the German and Scandinavian folks.

...keeping watch over her stocking.
Legend says that Saint Nicholas wanted to help a poor man and his three daughters. As old Nick was making his Christmas night rounds of delivering gifts and goodies, he noticed that the girls had hung their stockings to dry by the fireplace. Knowing that the poor man would not accept charity, Nick secretly filled each of their socks with gold. The common sock has been replaced with a decorative stocking today, but the same tradition continues to this day in filling them with small gifts and treats.

As our children moved out on their own, the number of those hanging Christmas stockings in our family has also become less over the years that is until Chloe arrived. She now has the distinction of her very own doggy stocking over the fireplace.

We remind her that when she pulls her cocker spaniel shenanigans of being mischievous that sock could also be filled with a lump of coal, which is another long time tradition of the Christmas stocking tale for those who misbehave. Does your family participate in this Christmas tradition? ...but more importantly does the pet of the family have their own special stocking over the fireplace?

Chloe's Christmas stocking filled with toys and treats!

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