Chloe's Global Audience


Chloe's Global Audience.

Writing an Internet blog has the potential for reaching a very large audience that goes beyond the capabilities of printed text, but if you read our very first posting, you'll recall that I didn't begin "My Dog Chloe & Me" to capture any specific audience, but rather I was looking for a writing method that I would find both interesting to implement, and would have the capacity to record Chloe’s story.

The ability to have readers from around the world is simply icing on the cake as they say. Now, you're probably asking how does he know there's a global audience? Well glad you asked, you see the writing software known as "Blogger," captures specific data as people drop by Chloe's website. Let me put your mind at ease, as the data collected has nothing to do with private or confidential information. 

What the software analyzes is basic Internet statistics that every website collects. Blogger makes the information easy to understand by breaking down the reader’s location, the type of web browser they use, if they are on a Mac, a Windows, or Linux computer, the search words that got them to Chloe's website, etc. In short the information helps to focus the writer's message to the readers.

I'm not tailoring stories about Chloe to any particular population group, but it's exciting to know where her readers are from. Which brings me to those pictures of flags that you see posted next to Chloe’s picture. Those flags represent just the top ten countries that have tuned in to read about a cocker spaniel that lives in New Mexico's high desert. 

Can you guess the countries from the flags? 

In the order (from top to bottom) they represent the United States, France, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Romania, South Korea and Canada, …and oh yes, one last thing, if you're a reader, please feel free to drop Chloe a line she’d love to hear from you.

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