Our Annual Leaf Chore


Chloe supervises our annual leaf collecting chore.

Now that Chloe's paw is on the mend, it's time to turn our attention to that annual chore of leaf gathering.  As usual, the three large ash trees are again changing to fall colors at different rates.  For some reason the two trees in the front of the house have a tendency to drop their leaves late in the season, while the one in the backyard has already started converting to its autumn gold color.

Plenty of foliage still on the backyard tree
Even though these trees are only 30 feet apart, I keep thinking it has something to do with how the sun is hitting their foliage. It's a theory with no real proof and Chloe of course could careless. Armed with the rake, the leaf blower and plenty of 30 gallon plastic bags, Chloe and I tackle the chore. Chloe takes the supervisory role of directing the action, and chasing after each stray leaf that wanders away from the pile. She doesn't actually bring them over once they touch the ground, but instead just enjoys the experience of the chase.  Whether she thinks each fluttering leaf is a bird in flight, I'm not sure but she goes after each one as if she was on a hunt.

The work is not hard, but it does take a toll on your back with each bag filled.  Chloe and I also have our routine, ...fill a bag take a break, ...fill another bag take another break. Obviously we're not out to set any record in leaf bagging. No, ...we're just enjoying each other's company on this fine autumn day.

Chloe tells me a ..."a little more to the right" as she direct the leaf blowing action.
My task master, ...showing me how to bag the leaves.
Chloes' ears get caught up in the swirling winds of the leaf blower.
Chloe gives me that, ...still plenty of leaves to go!

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