Sidewalk Closed?


One of the "Sidewalk Closed" signs in the neighborhood.

After watching the neighborhood sidewalks being torn up this past week, Chloe and I knew it was only a matter of time before the signs popped up.  That’s right “sidewalk closed” to be exact.  Actually we’re not quite sure what’s going on, other than someone is apparently flush with cash, meaning the city, or the Neighborhood Association to start replacing sections of sidewalk?

None of it looked that bad in our opinion that would require ripping up areas for replacement, but Chloe and I stopped this morning for some photos along the way. Of course, a cocker spaniel with a high degree of inquisitiveness, Chloe had to check it all out.

...barrels, barrels everywhere!
...this one calls for some close-up examination.
...looks like they plan to pour some more concrete.
...a good old fashion pile of dirt requires exploring.
...a little heavy equipment for the job.
...yea, it says "sidewalk closed", but we're going through!

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