Temporarily Sidelined From The Trail


Chloe displays her lime green colored sock that she wears 
for a short time after we bathe her paw.

It was only a matter of time before our high desert environment would interrupt our walking routine. It seems Chloe picked up something in her right paw this past week from either the trail, or the backyard that has given her an infection. It could have been a goat head sticker, or another type of sharp thorn from a trail planting, a bee sting or even a spider bite from the backyard.

The desert environment is filled with bugs and natural vegetation that sometimes require caution. But whatever it was, Chloe kept her paw from touching the ground in a Lassie style limp. Although she never showed signs of pain, it was obvious something wasn’t right even after we examined her paws and legs for signs of an object. 

She quickly began placing her full weight back on the paw, but her limp was now replaced with a dog’s instinct of giving itself first aid by continuously licking the injured area. A trip to the Vet where they shaved her distinctive long cocker spaniel fur from the paw turned up that Chloe had suffered an injury. 

So with medication, an epsom salt bathing of the paw several times a day, and a child’s sock to keep her from licking the wound, Chloe and I will be temporarily sidelined from the trail. 

Chloe shows off her pink sock from the other day.

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