Chloe's New Best Friend, Faith


Chloe's new best friend, Faith.

They are notorious for their friendly attitude, their good nature toward people, and their continuously wagging tail. In short, the cocker spaniel is a unique breed that defines what it means to be sociable. Couple this nature with their appearance of those large soulful eyes, a pair of long ears that frames an innocent face, and you can’t help but become best friends in an instant. That’s the way it was earlier this week when Chloe met Faith, our California niece for the first time. No formal introductions were necessary, as Chloe and Faith immediately became best friends.  

Chloe waits patiently for a Charlee Bear treat from Faith.
And of course, Chloe received a few of her favorite Charlee Bear treats from Faith, that I'm sure didn’t hurt in sealing the deal! 

All smiles from Chloe and Faith.

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