A Unique Father's Day Gift


A unique Father's Day gift, and no it not slippers!

Most fathers would probably agree that receiving a new necktie on Father’s Day maintains the most prevalent of traditions. I can even recall watching movies where the dad sitting in the big living room chair and the children at his side would even muster up that element of surprised expression as he opened the gift box containing the tie.

But did you know all that changes if you own a dog? You see, dogs don’t give neckties, …that is provided they remember Father’s Day, …no they are more prone to provide other forms of gift giving, like the service of bringing their masters’ slippers, or fetching the newspaper. But some dogs are also capable of being creative and in a sense thinking outside of the box in what to give. 

Take for instance Chloe who decided that on our morning walk today she would surprise me with a New Mexico Whiptail. Caught within the blink of an eye with its head dangling out of her mouth was a high desert lizard. At first Chloe thought she might keep it as her own, but in the end proudly exclaimed, “…Here dad this is for you!”

My Father's Day gift from Chloe, a New Mexico Whiptail lizard.
Chloe watches, as we let the lizard go free.

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