Almost Summer in The High Desert


Chloe poses for her picture in the park today.

Just under 14 days and summer will finally be here in the high desert. Although this past week I’m sure was a preview with afternoon temperatures already closing in on the 100-degree mark, and high wind gusts that only subsided at the break of dawn today.

If you happened to be caught out on the flat mesa areas that surround Albuquerque, there was plenty of dust mixed with sand during the windstorms. But this morning all was calm with sunny skies and a mild 70-degrees for our walk to the neighborhood park, …and as usual Chloe was ready to go. Having the camera and water bottle slung over my shoulder, and of course Chloe’s favorite Charlee Bear treats in my pocket the two of us took off.

Chloe makes a face for the camera.
There's someone or something on the other side of that wall.
Always cautious, Chloe stops before crossing the street.

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