Chloe's Unique Dog Agility Workout


Chloe's agility workout as she races across the narrow railroad tie wall.

The term “dog agility” is a sport for dogs in which they race through an obstacle course for both time and accuracy. The dog’s owner or handler runs alongside directing the dog’s every movement and the handler can neither touch the dog or offer treats as an incentive of any kind. Not only does the dog get a good workout as they race around the obstacles but so can the owner as they run alongside barking out verbal directions to propel the dog ever faster.

Chloe displays her weaving prowess by going
in and out of the line of rose bushes.
It has been amazing to watch Chloe grow up these last 2-1/2 years, as she in fact has learned to do some of her own agility training using just the built-in backyard landscaped features for her workout. In an agility course, the obstacles are set up to test a dog’s motor skills for precision of balance, jumping, and their capability for weaving in and around obstructions. 

Chloe has mastered many of these skills by incorporating the narrow railroad tie wall that tests her balance and jumping along with showing her in and out weaving prowess with a line of rose bushes. Chloe performs these unique maneuvers as she chases down birds, and guards the property’s perimeter. Although she doesn’t always heed my command to stay out of the flowerbed, …it is fascinating to observe our girl who obviously combines the inherent cocker spaniel traits with her own unique dog agility workout. 

Practicing her jumping  ability by leaping off
the wall and over the flower bed.
Chloe races back to begin her agility workout again.

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